Saturday, July 4, 2009

The lonely life of a Trucker's Wife

People don’t have a clue about being a wife of a trucker. They look at you like you got it made. “As if!” Being a trucker’s wife is a hard job. 
Being a trucker’s wife and a mother on top of that is even harder.

Not only do the wife have to muli-task, housework, laundry, run errands, pay the bills, when and if she receives a check from her husband. But, she also has the task of caring for the needs of their children school work, cooking, after school activities. In if she has an outside job Lord help her.

A trucker wife has to manage and balance the income while her husband is away. She has to do the oil changes on the cars, any repairs that need to be meet, and let’s not forget about that forest that grows in the front yard yes, “mow the lawn.”

She has to be a mom and dad to the children, along with running her husband errands. A trucker wife has to make sure things run as smooth as possible while her better half is on the road.

A trucker’s wife dream of a fairy tale marriage was buried when that eighteen wheel giant pulled up to her front doorstep. Now she has to deal with the love of her life being gone 75% of the time, while she’s home alone taking care of the fort.

She has to deal with the public in their opinion that do not have a clue, nor understand what our way of life is all about. She constantly has to defend her husbands profession and the choices that they both make for their family, each and everyday of her life.

She has to deal with being alone and having to protect her family and keep everything secure so her self and her kids will not be harmed if anyone tries to intrude into their space.

A trucker’s wife has to deal with her parents and In-laws with their comments and opinions. She has to sit back in smile at the family gatherings and on the holidays when her husband is unable to be home enjoying a nice birthday or Thanksgiving holiday. She has to hold her head high and sacrifice celebrating her wedding anniversary and other special occasions on another day of the year.

When her husband comes home she has to put her life on hold so she can enjoy and relax for the 1-2 days her husband is home. Along with satisfying his needs, washing extra loads of clothes and bedding and put up with his some time grouchiness from being tired and not wanting to go out or visit family or events with her. She has to listen to him b**** about the conditions out there on the road and with the shippers, brokers, and customers. She has to be the support system he needs to release his frustration and pain when the time calls for it. She has to listen to him grip about money, how expensive things are on the road, asking can she cut back on something to make it better for this or that reasons. Like her budget isn’t already tight enough.

She has to have trust and faith in her mate, not to accuse him of cheating. A trucker’s wife life isn’t an easy one. It’s a demanding one who has to be independent, strong willed, patient, very tolerant, and understanding. If you really care for your husband you will have no problem with the sacrifices and changes you will have to deal with in the trucking industry.

With trust and communication you will be able to deal with the daily trails and tribulations of the trucking industry. Your marriage will make it!

Be Inspired!!!

Warrior Chic


  1. i came across your blog and loved put me in tears...if you don't mind i put it in my blogger and also put your name on it so ppl know that i didn't write it...are you a truckers wife and if so who does your hubby work for...mine for schneider...been together 5 years...he started truckin about 2 months into our relationship and been married since 6-06

  2. I'm a truckers wife. My husband started this job back in October of last year he has been allowed home once since he started and I have been quite lonely. Im a mom of 2 one being a newborn keeps me to face more of a challenge with my husband not being home until his probationary period is over which has been 6mons ago along with classes and training. I miss him so. Always looking for pen pals or email buds or Facebook Alektra Brooks is the nane. Keep a smile always ladies!!!!!

    - Alektra

  3. Hi there! Loved reading this. My husband and I have been together for 3 1/2 years(married 1 year, tomorrow) and he's been OTR for 1 year 5 months. We have 2 of our own(and raise my Niece and Nephew) kids and it is hard. Friends and even family don't understand the loneliness and the depression we and them get. I get SO tired of hearing others complain about their hubby's being at home, or that their hubby's are on a business trip for a day or two or a week. Mine is gone 6-8 weeks. As a matter of fact, tomorrow will be 9 weeks. He's due home tomorrow, but of course, the loads not ready and he's 1,225mi from home. I wont be seeing him until Monday. Then he gets to spend 4 days at home and leave out again for however long. Right now we have no phones, so communication is hard, but we are doing it old-school and he's been calling on payphones. It sucks. I also hate when people bash truckers. If it wasn't for them, they wouldn't have a single thing in their house! Oh and don't forget the worrying!! I worry every day that something terrible is going to happen. Thank you for writing this!!! :)

    1. I totally get, my hubby and I have been going this route for twenty +yrs and it's still very hard....but thankfully , i got blessed when I entered this family and married my trucker, cuz, his grandfather was a trucker and so are a few of his cousins, so they feel my pain and frustration and hubby's too.

  4. I happened upon your blog.... thinking of vlogging myself. My husband just finished school and went off for training yesterday. I won't see him for 3 weeks and then it will only be for a few days before he gets his truck and is out on the road. I'm excited and yet apprehensive as we embark on this new journey in our lives. With seven children I'm already busy and presume to be even ten times more so now. It's good to know there are others out there!

    1. I would love to see other trucker's wives start blogging. So few of us out there. I recently started my own blog:

  5. Love your blog. My wife and i been doing this 20 yrs. I dont know where i would be without her. She takes care of everything while i am gone. Including, raising the kids. Their all on there own now. I currently work the oilfields and i am gone one month and home for ten. Maybe one day we can have a normal life.. Until then, i salute my wife Jennifer and the rest of the wives of truckdrivers and oilfield workers alike. Without these dedicated women in our lives, the world would be a difficult place..

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  6. So nice to read a trucker's appreciation for his wife. It definitely takes teamwork for a relationship to make it in this business.

  7. Momma/sister, you have said it to a T. I'm married to my high school sweetheart and he's been a trucker from just out of high school (he's almost 41 now), and I'm a sahm mom of four in that exact predicament, but you've missed adding in the fact of communication between you he and the kids and I do goodnights w/daddy every night or almost every night and when it comes time to talk about important stuff, that should be communicated in person, hold on to your hats folks, that's when life really gets hard. I read what you wrote after just finding this site and wow, everything you said was my life to a T. Thank you and we'll keep on keeping on.

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  10. My husband currently works for CVS and he's been trucking for 10 years now, he usually runs up to Montana for a few days.. but luckily he comes home for the weekend. But still those few days he's gone feels like an eternity. I praise the women who don't see their men for weeks at time, you girls are strong! We recently just got married, but I'm still trying to adjust to his life. I also work full time so I understand the overwhelming work of keeping a clean house, and still having to go to work. I work the days he gets to rest, so it's sometimes difficult to find ways to spend some time together. But I love my husband unconditionally and I wouldn't have my life any other way! (: